About Me!

Hello, everyone! I’m Sarah, the proud creator of Readers & Teachers. This blog was born out of passion for both education and literature, as you may have been able to guess from the title.

The Reader Side

I was a late bloomer when it came to reading. I hated reading when I was in elementary school because I wasn’t good at it. I was put into remedial classes; I was a fifth grader reading at a first grade level.

It wasn’t until I was in middle school that I found creative writing. I wasn’t a great kid. I had a massive lying problem and I got into fights defending my autistic brother. I pushed a kid into a cactus once and blamed it one my brother’s bully. It was a great morning.

That all changed when I was in sixth grade. I had an amazing English teacher, Mrs. Underhill. Instead of yelling at me when I did something stupid, she tried to find me an alternative way to express myself. She taught me that my lies could be converted into stories.

She helped me transform this horrible lying habit to something I could use, something productive. Once I started writing stories, other aspects of my life became easier. I cared about school more, I treated my peers with more respect… in other words, I got my shit together.

I also found my love of reading in her classroom. She had a huge classroom library and I found a few books in there I really enjoyed. From then on, I always had a book in my hand (or in my backpack). To this day, I never go anywhere without a book.

The Teacher Side

I turned into an educator when I was nineteen. Before that, really. I was always tutoring my classmates or leading study groups when I was in school, but I acquired my first education job when I was a freshman in college.

Starting out as a kindergarten reading interventionist was great. I didn’t have many responsibilities and it got my foot in the door. From there, I was pushed into a teaching position as a library paraprofessional. I wasn’t qualified as a teacher, but essentially I was one.

In the library, I was required to teach classes and maintain the library. This meant lesson plans, collaborating with other teachers, grading, communicating with parents, and many of the other responsibilities that teachers enjoy. I also was tasked with cataloging books, circulation, hosting book fairs, and all of the other responsibilities that teacher librarians enjoy.

This was by far the busiest job I’ve had, but it was also my favorite. I spent four whole school years as a library paraprofessional and I loved most minute of it.

I’ve also long-termed substituted for a few classrooms, one-shot substituted, worked as a teacher assistant for a preschool (never again), and served in a significant special needs classroom.

I’ve been all over in terms this field, but I’ve never had my own classroom. I’ve taught in the library, so in a way I taught all students on campus, but it’s not the same as having them for a full period at a time. I want a classroom with my own students, my own rules, and my own lessons.

Readers & Teachers

With all of that being said, welcome to Readers & Teachers: your one-stop shop for all things young adult literature, including how to teach it to your students. This blog is for both fans of young adult literature and educators. This is not just a place for teachers to find material; it’s for readers, too.

Current Post Schedule

Look forward to weekly young adult book reviews, written with educators in mind.

Future Goals

I have big plans for Readers & Teachers. I’d like to develop literature units and lesson plans for the books that I review (the ones that would do well in the classroom, that is).

I’d also like to write informative articles for teachers and librarians, features tips and tricks of the trade.

My readers are not forgotten! I would like to add some reader-specific articles, such as lists of suggested readings and participate in book tours.

I have a lot in store for this blog, but alas… it must roll out slowly. I have to pace myself, which is not a strong suit for me!

Other Info About Sarah

Here are a couple of fun facts about me, just in case you were wondering!

  • I have a hard time writing short things (as you can probably tell).
  • I am also a freelance writer.
  • I am a novelist and have a hard time writing short stories.
  • I hate poetry.
  • I love being out in nature.
  • I am a baker.
  • I live in Colorado with my boyfriend. We actually just moved out here in May of 2019 from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • I love dogs and need to adopt one.
  • I am a video gamer, although I’m not a first person shooter fan.
  • I am an awkward human. 🙂
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